Welcome to Sonic Music, home of the artists "Hunter & Gonzo" and "Blue Opus". Here you'll find info about releases and other services provided by Sonic Music.

We are located in Gothenburg, Sweden. If you are in need of a studio to record in or need mixing help feel free to contact us, or if you need production help send us an e-mail.




The track "Lack Of Space" seems to be playing in H&M stores in many contries. From Sweden to China...!



This website was updated and will continue to receive new looks and content,
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The "Tilda EP" was released, you can find it on itunes, amazon, spotify and more. Support us and buy it!












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EP released
The Tilda EP by Hunter & Gonzo was released late 2011, available on most online stores.



Website up 
Uploaded this first edition of the new website.





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